1. Name

      The Club shall be called “The West Highland White Terrier Club”.

    2. Objectives
      • To encourage the breeding and exhibition of the WHWT to the recognised standards as laid down by the New Zealand Kennel Club.
      • To make known to the public the outstanding qualities of the breed and to do all things deemed advisable and necessary to promote the well being of the breed and the interests of the members of the Club.
      • To hold shows, ribbon parades and other functions, to be decided upon by the committee or general meeting, in order to further the interests of the breed.
    3. Membership
      • Any person except a person suspended or expelled from this Club or under suspension or expulsion by the NZKC or any other recognised Kennel Association shall be eligible for membership of the Club. The liability of a member shall be limited to his/her annual subscription.
      • Junior Members: Any person up to the age of 16 years shall be eligible for nomination to membership of the Club. Junior members shall enjoy the full privileges of the Club but without the power to vote or the right to hold office.
      • Family Membership: All members of a family membership who are over the age of 16 years shall be entitled to the full rights of single membership excepting that they shall be entitled to only one copy of the all official Club publications.
      • Life Membership: Life members of the Club shall be elected by majority by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. Life membership shall only be conferred upon persons who have given exceptional service to the Club and/or breed. Such Life Members shall be exempt from all subscriptions and shall have all the rights and privileges of an ordinary member.
      • Register of Members: The names and addresses of all financial members shall be recorded in a book known as the “Register of Members of the West Highland White Terrier Club”. No name shall be removed from the register except by authorization of the committee.
    4. Admission

      Every application for membership shall be made to the committee in such form as the committee may from time to time prescribe. The rights and privileges of the member shall be personal to himself and shall not be transferable by his own act of operation of the Law.Admission of new members to the Club shall be by simple majority of committee members present at any duly constituted meeting of the Club.Each new member, having been duly accepted by the committee, shall be supplied with a set of Club rules together with confirmation of his/her membership. In accordance with modern business practice receipts will only be issued when cash is received for subscriptions or where requested by the member.

    5. Annual Subscriptions

      The annual subscription and joining fee for the forthcoming year shall be determined by the committee at a meeting prior to the end of the current financial year.The initial subscription for members joining after the first six months of the financial year shall be at the rate of 50% of the full subscription.Notice of subscriptions shall be forwarded to all members prior to the end of the current financial year. No members shall be allowed to vote or enjoy the privileges of membership until the member’s current subscription and all other amounts due by the member to the Club have been paid.

    6. Resignations

      Any member may resign their membership by sending notice of their intention in writing to the committee.Any member resigning from the Club must return all such cups and trophies in their possession at that time to the Club within seven days of resignation.A person shall cease to be a member of the Club if their annual subscription is more than three months overdue from the date upon which it is payable.No membership shall be transferable and all rights and privileges shall cease at death.

    7. Duties of a Member

      It shall be the duty of every member to promote the interests of the Club and strive for honourable dealings in all canine matters, and to report to officers of the committee any irregularities affecting the Club or its’ members.It shall be the duty of each member holding cups or trophies belonging to the Club to return same in good order and condition 28 days before the show for which they are due for competition. Any member not returning such trophies and cups within 28 days shall not be eligible to/for trophies at said show. Trophy steward to notify members accordingly.

    8. Complaints and Discipline

      Any member acting in an unbecoming or dishonourable manner concerning any dog or matter affecting the Club or Committee or committing any act likely to bring discredit to the Club or prejudice the interest of the Club shall be liable to disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the Club if such is the decision of the majority of Committee Members present at a special hearing at which the Member may be heard. All facts and evidence shall be available to help the Committee reach a proper decision.The Member shall have 7 days written notice to the last known address, stating the nature of the complaint, and the time, date and place of such meeting where the complaint shall be heard and considered.Any Member making a complaint against another Member must do so in writing to the Secretary within 7 days of the alleged offence; accompanied by a deposit of $25 which will be returned only if the complaint is upheld.Any person who lays a complaint against a Member which the majority of Committee decide is untrue, vindictive or malicious, shall be dealt with under Rule 8 themselves.Any complaints at a Ribbon Parade or Open Show or Championship Show shall be referred to the show manager to be dealt with under NZKC rules or show regulations.

    9. Meetings

      Annual General Meetings of the Club shall be held in the first quarter of the Club’s calendar year at a time and place to be determined by the Committee -14 days written notice of such meeting shall be given stating the nature of the business to be dealt with, also an audited copy of the Balance Sheet, Presidents Report and Agenda. The order of business shall be:

      • Apologies
      • Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and Business Arising from such Minutes.
      • Presidents Report
      • Treasurer’s Financial Statement and presentation of Annual Balance Sheet.
      • Election of Officers.
      • Any other general business which concerns the Club.
    10. Election of Officers

      Election of Officers and Members of Committee shall be by secret ballot or show of hands, as determined by the meeting. The meeting shall elect 2 scrutineers from the meeting.The whole of the Committee shall retire from office at each AGM but are eligible for re-election.Before any Member may become an Officer of the Club he/she must be financial.The Officers of the Club shall consist of President, up to 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer.The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club and not less than 3 or not more than 6 members.Ten Financial Members shall form a quorum at any General Meeting.A General Meeting shall be chaired by the President or in his/her absence one of the Vice Presidents.

    11. Special General Meeting

      A special meeting shall be called by the Secretary of the Club upon receipt of a requisition signed by 5 Members of the Club or Committee. Such meetings shall be held within 21 days after receipt of such requisition and 7 days notice of such meeting shall be given to Members stating the nature of such meeting. No business other than that for which the meeting was called shall be transacted at that meeting.

    12. Procedure at all Meetings

      If within 30 minutes from the time appointed for any meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be abandoned. All such meetings when duly constituted shall have power to adjourn their proceedings from time to time for such periods as they may appoint. At all such meetings and when questions of order, procedure or interpretation of rules may arise, the Chairman shall have the ruling and such ruling shall be accepted as final. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

    13. Secretary

      The Secretary shall attend all meetings and Sub-Committee meetings of the Club and keep minutes of all such meetings. Conduct all such correspondence of the Club and of meetings and Sub-Committee meetings. Shall attend to the calling of all such meetings and shall give 7 days notice of such meetings to all Committee Members. To keep records of all business of the Club. To keep a register of Members of the Club and perform any other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Committee.An expense allowance shall be paid to the Secretary, determined by the Committee.

    14. Treasurer

      The Treasurer shall collect all Subscriptions, entry fees and all other revenues of the Club, and keep proper books of accounts and records as shall be necessary for recording and showing the financial position of the Club.The Treasurer shall, when requested by Committee, make a report of the financial position of the Club. The Treasurer shall complete an Annual Statement of Accounts and have same audited by the Auditor appointed by the Club in time for the Annual General Meeting of the Club.The working of current expenses of the Club and all outgoings shall be paid on the direction of the Committee by the Treasurer by cheque, signed by the Treasurer or Secretary together with either the President or Vice-President.

    15. Auditor

      The Auditor shall be appointed by Committee. They shall retire from Office at the AGM but shall be eligible for re-election/appointment. Members of the Club shall not be eligible for appointment of Auditor.

    16. Powers of Committee

      The Committee shall be charged with the full control and management of the affairs of the Club. The Committee shall have the power to elect Sub-Committees, Area Representatives, and to co-opt additional members. The Committee shall meet as often as they shall determine. Five Committee Members or Executives shall form a quorum.

    17. Vacancies

      The seat of any Officer or Committee Member shall become vacant if:

      • He/she shall be absent from 2 Committee Meetings (consecutively) without sufficient apology.
      • He/she forwards to the Committee his/her resignation from the office in writing.
      • If from any cause he/she is incapable of attending to his/her duties.

      The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies.

    18. Trophy Steward

      The duties of the Trophy Steward shall be to keep an accurate record of all cups and shields and the points system that may be in force for the Club’s annual awards. The Trophy Steward has the authorisation to effect all repairs to said trophies as he/she may deem necessary.

    19. Common Seal

      There shall be a common seal of the Club which shall be in the custody of the Secretary and which shall be affixed to a document only by resolution of the Committee. The affixing to a document of the common seal shall be witnessed by the Secretary or the Treasurer together with the President and one of the Vice-Presidents.

    20. Headquarters

      The Headquarters of the Club shall be address of the Secretary.

    21. Winding up of the Club

      The Club may be wound up voluntarily if the Members at an Annual General Meeting pass a resolution to the effect and the resolution is confirmed at a special meeting held not sooner than 30 days after the date upon which the resolution was first passed. Upon such winding up of the Club the surplus assets thereof (after payment of all liabilities) shall be placed with the NZKC to be held in Trust until they are satisfied that another Club has been formed with the same objectives as The West Highland White Terrier Club and is worthy of receiving the same assets.Whilst the NZKC holds such funds they may be placed out on interest, such interest to accrue to the NZKC upon paying out the principal.

    22. Interpretation

      If any doubt shall arise as to the construction or interpretation of any clause of any of the regulations, the decision of the Committee thereon shall be conclusive and binding on all Members of the Club, provided that such decisions shall be reduced in writing and recorded in the Minute Book of The West Highland White Terrier Club.